Take Part in neurothink’s First Public Beta Release!

We are excited to announce that after two years of development we are nearly ready for our full commercial release. But first we are opening the neurothink Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) platform to a limited group. Because this is a beta, we will be offering credits for your GPU time (see Beta Release Notes).

Given that we are still in development, your feedback will be crucial for us to quickly get to our full commercial release.

Get Started

1. Fill out our questionnaire below so that we can best select the first round of users for our limited number of seats.

2. Starting the week of June 20th, we will be sending out invitations to the selected individuals. If you are not selected for the initial launch, you will still be on our waitlist! We will invite you in as we expand our beta and move closer to a full commercial release.

3. Once you receive an email from us, you will need to step through our signup process, name your project and start your first instance. Provide us with as much feedback as you can, really there is no such thing as too much!


Have questions about what to expect? Check out our Beta Release Notes.



The Basics

We want to get to know you as you join our beta community! Please provide a few details about yourself to get started.
We will be using this to contact you so please provide a current address.
Do you work and reside in the U.S.?(Required)
(Currently, our users need to be in the U.S.)

Your Work

We would love to hear about the work you do so that we can ensure our platform is a good fit for your needs. 
What kind of work do you do?(Required)
Consider sharing the problem(s) you are trying to solve, the models you are planning to use, the impact you believe this work will have, etc.  

Your Data 

Our platform is built to allow for seamlessly uploading and mounting data to your models. However, we do have some limitations for beta. 

If you answer No for any of these questions, we would still love to hear from you and include you on our waitlist. As these features are solved, we can contact you to join us at that time. 
We are not yet built to support PII. Are you able to ensure that your data contains no personally identifiable information?  (Required)
Our upload file size is currently limited by the browser which typically ranges from 2-4GB. We will be working in the future to upload larger files and folders. Are you able to do your work during Beta with this limitation?(Required)
We do not yet have a data modification/cleanup tool. Do you have a way to clean your data outside of our platform? (Required)
We are doing as much as possible to ensure a stable environment. But, in case of an outage, are you comfortable backing up your data? (Required)

Joining our Beta Community

For our first round of limited beta members, we are looking for people who are willing to innovate and grow with us. If you love your work and love the idea of shaping the future of our industry, we are excited to learn from you. 
Would you like to be considered for membership in our limited beta group? (Required)
We ask for a commitment of using our platform regularly for your project(s) and providing us feedback and insights along the way.
Thank you for sharing these details with us. Please submit this form and we will be in touch with next steps soon. 

Thank You!

Thank you for sharing these details with us. Please submit this form and we will be in touch with next steps soon.