neurothink emerges out of stealth at AIBC Summit Dubai

May 5, 2021

Coming out of stealth after more than a year of research and development, neurothink™ announced its machine learning technology platform at the AIBC Summit Dubai on Wednesday. CEO of neurothink™ Brian Rogers started the excitement by delivering a keynote address to the convention crowd.  

After Rogers presented his vision, Senior Vice President Charles Donly followed on stage. Donly has been a pivotal mind in the push to get neurothink out of stealth. He told the crowd neurothink™’s creation was inspired by limitations in other machine learning platforms.  

“We want to see machine learning develop to be more user focused. neurothink was founded to eliminate the frustrations caused by data science interfaces and inefficient GPU access while using typical cloud service provider platforms,” said Donly. 

When you watch how he articulated these complex technical ideas for the audience to understand and easily digest; you can see how important his mix of cerebral and analytical conceptualization of machine learning is for neurothink:  

After hearing their speeches it’s clear that Rogers and Donly believe neurothink’s potential is staggering. If the launch is any indication the platform will achieve radical accessibility in no time.