On same day as launch, neurothink announces itself at AIC & Open-E webinar

Apr 27, 2021

If you’re following neurothink’s launch out of stealth, you know that the platform announced it’s machine learning technology at the AIBC Summit in Dubai. 

As CEO Brian Rogers and SVP Charles Donly delivered keynote addresses during the launch event in Dubai, the neurothink team also made sure their message was delivered to an entirely different audience at the same time. neurothink’s Rick Rodriguez presented the platform in a webinar hosted by AIC and Open-E. 

In fact, neurothink’s launch was so anticipated by the webinar crowd that Rodriguez was the only special guest invited to present at the webinar.  

If these simultaneous announcements are any indication, neurothink launching out of stealth is just the beginning of the company’s ambition. It’s clear the minds behind the platform will be active as they push to bring radical accessibility to users across the world.